Sunday December 31st, 2006

I thought it only appropriate to blog on the last day of 2006. I managed to sleep until 10:30 this morning and found myself awakening to the sound of rain. The clouds are starting to clear now ... I am able to see the mountains out my window.

I found myself at C.K.S. Memorial Hall last night as our dance teacher had a performance there. Most of the staff from my school were in attendance. It was a very unique performance.

This morning started with some good friends, french toast, berries, bacon, champagne and orange juice. I have to be ready to go out tonight by about 6:30pm. The night will be full with lots of things, so I hope the rain stays away.

The night's activities will include going to my friend's student's house, heading to long time friend Petey V's ... after that ... who knows. Taipei 101, the tallest standing building in the world for the moment, will be having fireworks at midnight. I was told an estimated 4 million are expected ... ugh.

I hope to have my camera to take some shots of the fireworks and the nonsense surrounding! Should make for interesting scenery if every person were to be holding an umbrella.

I think it's time for an afternoon nap with the kitties ...

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year's celebration. I suppose my night will be well over before some of you even begin! All the best for 2007!

Friday December 29th, 2006

Last night, I finished watching the first season of LOST. What a great show! I know I am quite behind the rest of the world, but being in Asia without a TV can put one at a disadvantage. The season finale has sucked me in, leaving me with a feeling of wanting to know more. I am going to get season two on the go immediately!

I am glad it's Friday ... after today, I have three whole days off. With Tuesday being a two hour work day, it's kind of like a mini holiday. Not sure what I'll do to bring in the New Year as of yet ... I always find the night to be highly overrated.

My Chinese class this morning went not so well. After a very restless sleep, 630 came awfully early. We started chapter 15 today and I recall that this is the point where I started to feel a bit confused by the grammar. I can feel it happening again, so I'm a little discouraged at the moment. I suppose the options are to keep plugging away or to quit. Since I'm not much of a quitter, plugging away it will have to be.

The clock shows 930 ... the day looks cold ... it's time to think about getting myself to the gym. I hope it's a fast day ... come on weekend!

Wednesday December 27th, 2006

Things have been very hectic over the past few days ... I've not found myself at home much. The holidays were busy and great! The party on Saturday went well ... about 20 people came throughout the night ... a ton of food was brought along with Christmas cheer.

Christmas eve morning started with another breakfast party ... breakfast consisted of french toast and crepes and berries and sausage and bacon. It was very yummy! I spent the afternoon cleaning up around the house. The evening was spent at a friend's cocktail party. It was great fun with more great food and some festive drinks!

Christmas arrived and brought with it the sun and some heat. Another brunch of yummy goodness was made but this time with an added treat ... champagne and orange juice! I, unfortunately, had to work in the afternoon but the day went fast.

Christmas dinner was spent at my friend's co-worker's house, here in Shui Lien. Again, more great food was to be had ... I rolled myself home.

Boxing day was an easy day as I only had one two hour class. I took the day and night to get caught up with some things that I've been putting off due to being busy over the past while. I am currently trying to catch up on my Chinese writing homework. I am about two chapters behind.

That being said ... it's time to get myself to the gym as I still want to put in another hour of writing today. The sun is shining but it feels a bit chilly out there. Three more days of work until a three-day weekend ... I am looking forward to it!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Saturday December 23rd, 2006

One couldn't have asked for a nicer day ... the sun is bright and the sky is blue. The wind brings crisp air that couldn't be more festive.

My birthday has been pretty spectacular so far ... it started last night at midnight with some new sexy tall stemmed wine glasses and a glass or two of spectacular wine! The day will bring a few more festive events as will tomorrow and the day following that.

Yesterday, fun was had by all at CKids. We had a teacher gift exchange and the classes were to each perform a song. Saturn Class sang Pokemon by Bob Rivers ... we won the prize for being the most creative. Neptune Class sang the classic Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra ... it was quite cute and they found themselves with the prize for being the most energetic ... my classes fared out well seeing as though there were three prizes to be won and we collected two. If I can get my hands on some video, I'll see if I can't post it.

My open house is tonight and there are goodies galore in the kitchen ... guacamole, desert nut breads, cheese, cheese and more cheese ... chocolates and candies with still more to buy today. My racks are filled with wine ... the night should be good.

I best get on some things ... time will slip away fast today... it's already after 11 ... I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Happy Ho! Ho!

Thursday December 21st, 2006



Winter has arrived ... it's a chilly one today. The weather is showing 11- 16 ... brrr. I have rugby practice in a half hour and I'm a little undecided as to what I should be wearing. Winter is reminding me, once again, that I need to move to a warmer country. I said that last year and alas, another year gone ... perhaps by next winter I'll find myself in the tropics.

Last night I found myself bundled in a turtleneck, a heavy sweater, a Columbia vest, a hat, pants and socks ... too much clothes for one person to wear all at the same time, really. I vote for tanks and shorts each and every day.

I haven't been home most of the weekend ... I think my cats have, perhaps, taken some crazy pills since I've been gone. I suppose they are crazy with excitement having me back in the house. They haven't quite realized that I'll be out of here in about 15 minutes.

Homemade curry is on the menu tonight ... something hot and spicy to warm up. The skies are blue and the sun is out, but I know the windows are showing deceit. In looking at the clock, I best be on my way.

Saturday December 16th, 2006

With the day comes lots and lots of rain. I have some things to do in the city this afternoon ... it's not overly encouraging to want to get out there. I have three hours of hoping it'll stop by the time I have to leave.

Last night CKids Kindergarten had their Christmas concert. It was quite cute. Myself and some of the other teachers were required to do a dragon dance for the show. We didn't practice much and I'm not sure how we fared out. I suppose, in time, the video will tell.

After we cleaned up, we headed to Jogoya Restaurant. It is a Japanese buffet ... unbelievable place. I, unfortuatenly, forgot my camera. All you can eat sashimi and seafood ... dumplings and hot pot ... desserts and lots of fruit ... so, so yummy!

I've decided to open my house up for some holiday cheer next Saturday evening. I suppose that means I should put some decorations up around the place. Another thing on my list of things to do this week ... it's going to be a busy one.

The rain isn't letting up ... it's just after noon and the time ticks. Off to the gym ...

Monday December 11th, 2006

I thought it best to put down some words today as it's been a few. The weekend was busy with lots of friends and yummy goodness ... the holidays have arrived! The time now is 6:52am and I am waiting upon my Chinese teacher and some tea. I may talk to my teacher and change these early morning classes to the evenings, if he's available. When you don't get to bed until 1am, 630am comes a little too early.

The gym is closed today and the skies are turning blue. Should be a good day for a hike. I will have four hours off between my Chinese class and the start of my work day. Here's to finding a new hiking spot so I can get my camera in use.

Saturday, the day was spent over at Vernon and Sharon's. They invited ten or so people over to enjoy two turkeys. Dinner was fantastic!

I still haven't made any solid decisions as to whether or not I will host a party on the 23rd. The nights are filling up, so I best make a decision in the next day or so or else the night may not be mine! Either way, I suppose there will be fun to be had somewhere if not at my own.

As promised ... a photo of my blonde hair.

The phone rings. And with that, I'm out ... 我的中文老師到了 ...

Thursday December 7th, 2006

The sun has decided to come out in full force today ... it's beaming in the windows and it feels so good on my skin. Skies are blue and the weather says it's going to be 21 - 28 ... might be a good day to put my plant outside!

Today is going to be fairly busy for me ... I have a private, language exchange and then my regular classes. Today we have a rehearsal at our kindergarten. Next Friday night the kindergarten will be having a Christmas concert as they do every year. This year we are required to be there as we are going to be performing a dragon dance. It should be interesting.

After the concert, our work will be taking us out for a Christmas party ... I hear it's to a fancy all you can eat seafood restaurant ... should be yummy! The next few weeks are going to be all about good food ... suppose it's that time of year! Love it!

Unfortunately I won't have time to hit the gym before my private today, perhaps I'll go tonight after work. I am meeting my LE partner for Thai food today ... my tummy is grumbling just thinking about it!

Shower time ... I have some Chinese writing homework to do before the day starts!

Tuesday December 5th, 2006

This morning involved staying in bed until just after nine. I awoke at 8am to grey clouds and lots of rain ... I decided it best to sleep for awhile longer. The cats were close and warm ... the heater was on. I didn't have anywhere to be until early afternoon.

With the early afternoon came the sun. Today, I found myself at Costco ... I managed to come home with a few goodies.

Festivities start this weekend with Vernon leaving for his one month vacation home to Australia. A few turkeys on the bbq will be a great way to celebrate an early Christmas.

I received an email from Brother J today. He and Spring are safe and sound, and perhaps being snowed on, in Victoria. It seems they've found a place to sublet already. Best of luck to you both ... I'm very excited for you!

The night has turned back to being rainy. That being said ... it might be a good night to retire early. The day will be busy tomorrow as will the one after that and the one after that.

Glad the hump day is almost upon us.

Monday December 4th, 2006

I'm afraid winter has arrived. The rain has started and the weather says highs of 23, lows of 15 ... brrr. Yesterday involved bringing out my heaters and wearing gloves on my scooter.

The weekend was busy but was mostly spent indoors. I did make it to the city on Saturday. I got my hair cut and coloured ... I am blonde again. At the moment, it must glow in the dark. I'll see if I can't get a photo and post it.

From now until Christmas things will be busy. My weekends are filling up with this and that. I am thinking of hosting a party on the 23rd at my place. As Christmas falls on a Monday, I will find myself with afternoon classes.

Levi is lying on a third of my keyboard making it very difficult to type. I know ... I should probably just push her off, but she'll come back ... again and again, purring louder with each return.

I am waiting for a load of laundry to finish before I hit the gym. Chinese class went well this morning ... we are halfway through chapter 10. These 7am - 9am classes are killing me ... I'm not used to getting up that early. These days, the nights are late as are the mornings ... perfect for this kind of weather.

I've started doing some research into cameras. I may take an extra month so that I can put more money into a nicer one. It'll be worth it. I suppose it will also depend on whether or not my camera holds out for the holidays.

And the washer goes ding ... the clothes are never going to dry. Perhaps tomorrow or the day after that!