Decisions, Decisions ...

Some new news ... it seems that I'll be having a roommate for the next five months. His name is Kerry and he'll be moving in on the 10th of March. He'll probably want to take the back room. This means I'll have to move my stuff out, which means the cats will be losing their room. Now that they are older, they don't spend too much time in there anyway ... it's more a place to keep their litter, carriers and toys.

Knowing that I'll be moving some of my things in their room, I decided to buy a new litter box with a lid and a door to keep it cleaner. I thought it best to leave the flap door off, thinking they might need a little time to get used to it ... ha, ha, ha.

The girl cat, usually the one to be a little slow, caught on right away. Datsun, on the other hand, isn't quite getting it. The first day he decided to leave me a number two right in front of the new box ... almost, buddy, almost! After this little mishap, I removed the lid as I know he's not big on change.

Day two, he decides to pee on the blanket in his room. Again, it was close but not close enough. I thought it time to introduce him to the new litter box. After a fuss and a lot of scratches, he made it quite clear that he's not impressed.

I spent the night at my boyfriend's and when I got home today ... day three ... the litter box was on it's side, the litter all over the floor. Unsure which one of them did it, pee was on the cushion in their room and on my floor dangling curtains in the main room ... grrr. The cushion was going to be thrown out and the curtains are easily washable. Could it be that the litter was overturned and there wasn't really anywhere else for them to go?

Here is how he has been for the past half hour ... he still sits there now as I type:

He's really contemplating it. I sat with him for ten minutes or so trying to talk him into it, but he's not biting, only holding. He must realize he is running out of places to go.

Too funny ... a big step in the life of Datsun. You can do it, bud!

澎湖 Penghu Photos

Monday means it's back to work this afternoon. Today should be somewhat of an easy day as my students will probably talk my ear off with exciting stories of their celebrations. Tomorrow will be a two hour day and Wednesday brings another holiday ... love them!

The sun has decided to join us today ... I hope it remains over the next few days as I'd like to get out for some more sightseeing.

Penghu was a great place with lots of character. The buildings were old, the beaches bright and the air fresh and clean ... a nice change from Taipei. I have posted a new album on the right. It's about time to hit the gym ... some stories of the island to follow soon. Enjoy!

Fireworks Galore

Today marks the fourth day of the Chinese New Year ... the rain has set in and I'm hoping it's not here to stay. I have a 3:45pm plane to catch as I am heading to one of the islands here in Taiwan.

The weekend was spent at home, relaxing. Fireworks went off consistently, starting around 6pm and continuing into the wee hours of the mornings. Both nights I watched the sky light up every few seconds from this direction and that. It seemed there was never more than a 10 second lapse between cracks, pops and booms. Amazing if one were to consider the mass amounts of money that must have been spent on fireworks.

Monday, Vernon and Sharon had a BBQ, so I made my way into the city ... I thought my neck of the woods was loud ... oh my goodness. People were lighting fireworks off their balconies into the busy streets ... love this country!

We weren't too far into BBQing when we decided to join in the madness.

After a few close calls, we decided to take things to the park. I have attached a quick clip from last night ... please take note in the sounds around the city and remember that this has been going on for days.

Fireworks are illegal in Taipei except during Chinese New Year. I love laws with exceptions. I suppose it would be impossible to try and stop the abundance of people lighting them off. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


The first day of Chinese New Year is coming to an end. Fireworks have been going off for hours, the dogs in the mountains have been barking continually ... I imagine this will be the first noisy night with many to follow.

Today, I took the time to upload some photos ... the following albums/links have new pictures posted:

Messing Around (11)
Datsun (4)
Levi (8)
Levi and Datsun Photos (2)
Another Taste of 亞洲 Asia (24)

If you find yourself with some time, please have a look. I've also started a new Flickr account. I don't know much about the site yet, but I thought it best to get some shots out there.

It's, perhaps, time for some dinner, some wine and a movie. Ahhh ... eight more days of rest ... it's going to be so nice!

Monday February 12th, 2007

Yesterday, the day was spent playing Paint Ball ... it was awesome! I am left with a nice sized bruise on my left shoulder and it seems that if I bend over, I feel pain on the top of my head from another hit ... it's only a small bump, really. I have added a new album with some photos ... please take a moment to enjoy.

The last Monday of winter camp was great ... it was spent ice skating. Think now of the bump previously mentioned and then all the skates I had to bend over and tie ... can you say headache?

I can't recall the last time I had on a pair of ice skates. The thing that did amaze me today was the fact that most of the kids don't know how to skate. I can't recall when I learned, it seems like I've always known. When they pulled out the plastic pink chairs, I recalled memories of learning, holding onto the back of something similar ... certainly not something pink and plastic, however. I suppose when you grow up in a warm country where snow and ice don't really exist, why would one know how to ice skate?

Tonight is going to be an early one for me ... between the 7am rise and two days of having too much fun, I find myself exhausted. I've not been home for the past six nights ... sleeping curled up with cats is definitely in order. Four more working days until the Chinese New Year begins.

I've been hearing great things about Penghu, I can feel the excitement starting. I guess it'll be one week tomorrow that I'll find myself on a plane heading to the tiny island. The weather feels like Canadian summer so hopefully it will decide to stick for the holidays. Come on Friday ... I am so, so ready!

Winter Wonderland ...

April 1st, 2003 was the first time I set foot in Taiwan. Back then, I was living life in the city, cruising around with not a whole lot to do. A lot of free time allowed me to come across many interesting things. Along the way, a sign I clearly recall was a big one that stood on the corner of 南京東路 (Nanjing East Road) and 敦化南路 (Dunhua North Road). A new arena would be opening October 2005 ... digging hadn't even begun. Plans of living a life in Australia led me to thoughts of never being there to see it. Guess I was wrong.

Today ... well into a year over the opening date, that's where I found myself ... for the first time. Stalling in Taiwan? Perhaps.

It certainly felt like winter inside ... a wonderland? Nope. I was told we were going to a snow park today. The snow park turned out to be quarter of an ice rink that was closed off. The snow, I'm sure, was remains from the Zamboni ... toboganning meant putting some kids in a made wooden box and pulling it across the ice.

Snowball fighting was suggested and knowing that the snow was more ice than snow, I didn't recommend it. My recommendation seemed to be overlooked by the rest of the unexperienced snow players. As one might well imagine, the fight left a few injuries.

The kids did seem to enjoy it somewhat ... I hope they all allow themselves a chance to experience the real thing ... I'm sure it'll be a much better experience than what I witnessed today.

Sunday February 4th, 2007

One couldn't have asked for a nicer day ... the skies were blue and the sun was out in full force ... t-shirt weather and February. Love it!

Last night CKids celebrated with a year end party. The night went well and I managed to win a bit of cash. Good food and too much whiskey led to a bit of an upset tummy today. It didn't stop me, however, from getting out into the heat.

I went to see the Grand Hotel ... the outside seemed much more spectacular than in. We didn't make it past the main foyer, so it's hard to say. It did offer a great view of the city.

After the Grand Hotel, it was off to the National Palace Museum. Apparently everyone else in Taipei had the same idea ... the place was a zoo. Under the circumstances, it still deemed impressive.

Tomorrow starts week two of winter camp. The agenda calls for a snow park where we can make snowmen and snowballs and toboggan ... should be interesting. The rest of the week calls for basketball, soccer, tap dancing and puppet shows.

A kitty sits curled in my lap ... guesses as to which one? An angel ... indeed.

Friday February 2nd, 2007

The first week of winter camp is almost over. It's been very busy and has left me feeling quite tired at night ... I'm not used to working so much. The week has been beautiful, so we've been fairly lucky as we've been able to walk here and there rather than having to squish onto the tiny school buses.

Today will be another morning of soccer. As I look out my window, I see blue skies. The weather calls for highs of 17. Right now it feels like it's about 5 ... brrr. The day is still early. Hopefully by 930am it will be a bit warmer.

I am glad the weekend is upon us once again. I've been invited to Citizen Cain this evening. The restaurant has been remodeled so they will be celebrating by offering food and drink specials. Sounds like a great plan to me!

Happy Friday ... I have a 10 hour day in front of me before my weekend begins ...