Thursday June 26th, 2008

So close yet so far ... I've taken the day off of painting due to laziness. It doesn't really come down to much other than that.

Looks like it will be another weekend of painting for me ...

Saturday June 21st, 2008

My painting project started about three weeks ago. Today, I find myself cursing this big apartment and all these walls with their high ceilings ... I mean, who needs this much space anyway?!

Color is going to change my world! The hard work is absolutely paying off. It's very exciting! All three bedrooms and the hallway are complete. I did the first coat on one wall in the main room and it's amazing how it has changed the look already.

I am very thankful for some helping hands tomorrow. I am almost painted out. Time to start moving things into the back rooms ...

Sunday June 15th, 2008

Taken from inside my room, looking out into the hall. I didn't mess with the color in this photo. This coat may have taken away some of the brightness. A bit hard to tell but it gives one an idea of the color.

I finished the second coat this morning and was sad to see it's in need of a third. Guess that means another night or two of sleeping in my living room.

I'm hoping the final coat dulls it down some more. I need to pick up some more paint after rugby practice so I'll spend some time checking out other colors.

I'm going to be a few days behind now. I imagine it's going to be well worth it in the end ... it looks so fresh ...

Saturday June 14th, 2008

Datsun. So cute. He's claimed the new pillow as his.

I'm about ready to retire for the day. I found myself at Ziga Zaga last night after the kindy graduation ... a great time indeed! I really do like that place.

Two weeks ago, I decided to paint. Two rooms are completely finished and my bedroom should be done tomorrow. I used the color 'winter squash' and it's ... bright. As I'm painting, I crave KD. The shade reminds me of the sauce. It's a shame because KD is not easily accessible.

I am rethinking 'winter squash' for the hall and the big main room ... it might be a bit too bright. I'll live in it for a week and see how it feels. At this point, I don't have any ideas as to another color.

I could use a week off of painting ... it's hard work.

Tomorrow is mid-June. With summer camp starting in less than three weeks, there's not much time for rest. I'm looking at recruiting some hands next weekend ... get it done.

Halfway there ... pics to follow soon ...