Tuesday August 25th, 2009

Today was an odd day. I've been bouncing back and forth between buying a new camera or buying or a new computer. I still haven't come to any decisions. I am leaning towards an iMac as it's a lot more computer for my buck.

There is a Mac dealer here in Taipei that I went to as the battery for my PowerBook died. The lady runs the business out of her home. She owns eight cats. I wasn't in her place for more than a few minutes before I had one in my lap. Shortly after, another. It was kind of like being at home on a cold winter day. She apologized but I told her I didn't much mind. They must have had me pegged as a cat lover the moment I entered.

From there, I proceeded on to Shida University to register for classes. After two hours of waiting, my number was finally called for an oral test. It was fully conducted in Chinese and I was able to keep up. The lady complimented me which felt awesome. I was asked to read a few paragraphs and then to write some characters. I told her I haven't really taken the time to practice writing and it was at this point that she called me special. I, of course, agreed with her!

She had me take the written test anyway. The characters required to write the test were ones I am able to write for the most part. My hope is that they aren't going to place me in a lower level class only because my writing isn't up to speed. I have orientation next week and am waiting with anticipation.

For a girl who is supposed to be partly on holidays ... I haven't stopped. The list of things to do remains long. My eyes are wanting to close and I'm about to give in ...

Thursday August 20th, 2009

One more day of this crazy work schedule. It seems like it started forever ago. I have to be honest and say that I am very thankful it's almost over.

My schedule is going to change to a very different kind of busy in two weeks time. I have been accepted at 師大 University to study Mandarin. I'm really looking forward to a new challenge. I just hope it doesn't kick my you know what!

It feels as though my posts have been real sporadic as of late. I took on more than I should have this summer, that I know. I suppose it's just what happens at times.

My bed is calling. I am faced with one more very long hectic day ... the last for some time! We are presenting the parents with a 2-hour farewell show tomorrow evening.

Farewell and good riddance!

Safe and Sound ...

Sometimes the power of mother nature blows my mind. Each day presents existence along with small displays of how easily it can be taken.

It reminds one to live in the now. To enjoy what is in plain view. To appreciate things exactly for what they are at that given time.

Typhoon Morakot did bring a two day holiday. Calling it a holiday hardly seems appropriate as it wasn't for many in southern Taiwan. I am saddened by the destruction it has caused.

It continues on in China which is why I have time to post this blog. My two students are there now and are unable to get a flight back.

All I can do is be thankful for the night. It's been a crazy busy summer and I find it hard to believe that August is coming on the halfway point.

September will bring change. The rest of 2009 will present an interesting time. Keep your eyes posted for more details as they unfold ...

Typhoon 莫拉克 ...

Here it comes ... first of the season ... fingers are crossed it brings a day off with!