Thanksgiving Feast ...

And what a feast it was. This shows about half of what was there. Gobble, gobble ...

20 more sleeps ...

I left my chair for two minutes ... are you kidding me?

Cats never cease to amaze me. In such a short time span, one is under the pillow while the other sits on top. Two minutes ago, they were nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps it's a bit too early to be counting down. I am, for the first time in awhile, feeling the distance from my homeland. Three and a half years has flown by but I know the time passed will be apparent upon my arrival.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are just around the corner and a few friends have assured me that I won't recognize a lot of my old stomping ground. It's going to be interesting to rediscover a place I grew so fond of.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week at school. Everyone is required to contribute a dish. Last year consisted of a cold turkey with horrible paste-like stuffing and no gravy. The plus side was the fantastic sushi and deliciously breaded crab.

My expectations aren't set high in the sense of tradition. I do know that a pumpkin pie from Costco has been ordered. I'm half tempted to disappear into a corner of one of the small classrooms with fork and pie in hand.

33 more sleeps until a proper holiday meal ... or would that be 34?! Either way ... I'm stoked!

Friday November 13th, 2009

About this time next month, I'll be making my way to the airport, bound for Canada. As the weeks pass, I find myself purchasing warmer clothes. Jeans here, Gore-tex there. Shoes that aren't sandals are next on my list. And perhaps a down jacket after that. Christmas comes but once every fours years or so ...

Next week will be my last at 師大. I've decided not to return for the moment. I will be required to pay the full tuition regardless of my three week holiday. I'm sure I'll also be expected to self study the material that will be taught in my absence. I'd like to think I'll be studying while in Canada, but I don't imagine I'll get much done. The plan is to enjoy friends and family each and every moment I have.

I will be joining my classmate in a private two on one. I don't feel that my speaking has improved much during the past three months. I can certainly read and write a lot more but speaking is what I went there to improve on. My new class will be three mornings a week which allows me two days back for exercise. Pretty stoked!

I will consider going back to 師大 for the following term, early 2010. In the meantime, I will try this new class and see what it has to offer.

Looks like a wet weekend awaits. TGIF ...

Wednesday November 4th, 2009

This is on the 7th floor of 師大. I'm unsure of whether it's supposed to encourage or discourage people from smoking. I think it could go either way depending on what you're into!