Sunday January 31st, 2010

It's hard to believe tomorrow is February. I can see this is going to be another year that flies by. I wonder if they only continue to get faster from here on in ... no more slow ones.

I found myself at 龍洞 yesterday taking advantage of the sun and the heat. As I was changing my second anchor for the day, I locked myself into the wall with a locking carabiner that would not unlock. I would call it a bit of an ordeal, but my climbing partner prefers to refer to it as an epic.

I had to belay him up while I was tied into the wall. He had no luck unlocking the carabiner either. I had to belay him back down so that he could go off in search of a knife to cut the sling that was attaching me to the wall. Mental note #1: pack a knife at all times while climbing. Mental note #2: do not use old gear. Mental note #3: breathe.

There is a first aid kit in one of the caves which did have a pair of scissors. I had to belay my partner back up and he was able to set me free. I'm not sure I've ever been so relieved to get back on the ground. My nerves were completely shot.

My climbing partner insisted that I do another climb as he thought I'd probably be scared upon my next trip to 龍洞. I thought that was the most horrible idea I'd heard in sometime yet I found myself tying back in for another climb.

And then as if that wasn't enough, I got to rappel myself back down to the bottom ... just to rid any last bit of fear I may have had lingering around ...

Got home last night at 8pm, ate and could not keep my eyes open. Bed and asleep by 9:30pm. On a Saturday night. A big day for me, indeed!

Friday January 22nd, 2010

I got in three snaps before this little girl went running to a safe place ... that being behind her mom's legs. It was awfully familiar as I recall doing that on numerous occasions when I was a child!

Friday January 15th, 2010

Today was a funny day. It's the first time I've typed the date as 2010 ...

I am currently in the process of renewing my ARC (alien resident certificate). I will be signing another one year contract which means I am going on my sixth year at CKids. Heather is one of level one students. Her mom is my co-worker. I remember coming back to Taiwan after a year of travels and subbing at a school she owned as she was pregnant. Her daughter is now in my grade one class.

As I was leaving the school this evening, Jeannie, Heather's mom comes running in frantically telling another co-worker to dial 1-1-9. I look outside to see someone laying in the lane out front of our school. My immediate hope was that it wasn't one of the students.

I heard my co-worker placing the call requesting a cop to come over. As I was making my way to the door a lady was being brought in by Jeannie. Jeannie mouthed to me that he was beating her up. I stepped outside and saw a man on our steps with angry tears. Morgan was talking to him, telling him to go home. He seemed to think it was important to stay. I tried hard to understand but was having trouble with what was actually going on.

The scoot home was a flurry of uneasy thoughts. One would have to imagine that what I'd just witnessed wasn't the first time. One has to wonder what could possibly be so bad that a man beats up on his ... female companion.

She was laying on the ground. In the middle of a busy alley.

And the reality is that this probably goes on much more than I could possibly want to comprehend.

I find myself thankful for the life I lead tonight. For the things I have in it and for the things I don't.

Learning to Shoot 101 ...

Not a new camera, although new for me. My Canon EOS 40D. I have so much to learn. And some new lenses to buy ...

British Columbia, The Best Place on Earth ...

British Columbia recently changed their slogan from the very believable Beautiful British Columbia. All one has to do is have a look around to know there is truth in those words.

But The Best Place on Earth? Really? That's a tall statement.

Living and traveling in Asia for the past six years has allowed me to see a few places that would seem fit for title of The Best Place on Earth. I suppose the best place is for each and every one to decide as everyone's opinion about what's best is not the same.

I had a look around online to find out why the slogan was changed only to come across a lot of negative feedback. Rightfully so.

In a few weeks, people from all corners of the Earth will be focusing on B.C. Not sure this change was for the better ...

Oh, Canada ...

A new year means out with the old to make room for some new. I donated eight bags of things which is more than many have in this world. That being said, I still have a ton of stuff.

It was nice to have the day off ... it being a Tuesday and all. I've had Tuesday as a regular day off since September yet I've not fully enjoyed one to myself up until now.

My three weeks in Canada was full of activity! I had an amazing time. Being in an all English speaking environment was great. I think I asked more questions than necessary just because I could. Coming back to Taiwan has allowed me to see just how much Chinese I use on a daily basis. I really appreciate being back and the life that I live here.

I didn't take many photos this trip as I was pretty involved with family and friends. I've posted a new album on the right with a few photos I like.

Happy New Year! All the best in 2010! Bring it on!