Comming Soom ...

It's a shame that improper English signs are happening less and less in Taiwan. When my bro and I first moved to 內湖, there was a billboard sized banner next door informing us that a new spa was 'comming soom' ... it never did arrive.

My PowerBook G4 is back in my possession and running like a charm. The many, many years of good use is finally starting to show. I've been putting off buying a computer as this one has been more than adequate. I was advised not to put any money into this computer as it's too old.

I gave in and finally purchased an iMac. It's been on the list for over a year but other things have taken priority. As the temperament of my current computer is unknown, it's best I upgrade now. Being computerless is not an option for me.

Monday July 26th, 2010

About two weeks ago, Datsun started having really bad aim when it came to peeing in the litter box. He steps into the box but refuses to put his bum down which means he sprays whatever happens to be behind him. Gross. As the litter box is in a corner, he's mostly hitting the walls. I couldn't figure out why the sudden change.

Sunday, I discovered blood in his urine. The vet is closed on Sundays so I wasn't able to do much except search the internet. It seems he has a urinary tract infection which means he's not lost his ability to aim after all, he's just feeling uncomfortable.

I took him to the vet first thing and it has been confirmed that he does indeed have an infection. Imagine me hobbling with a cat carrier in both arms to balance the weight this morning. I'm not in the best shape myself.

He needs to take medicine for the next four weeks. If we can't get this under control it could lead to something much more serious. My fingers are crossed that I caught it in time. My world would be a less happier place without the little Datz Man in it.

He took the medicine from me tonight without any trouble. Big sigh of relief. As any cat owner knows, giving medicine to cats is like ... well ... next to impossible. I hope he continues to be agreeable as he needs to take it twice a day.

Poor kitty ... (and my poor walls!)

Goals ...

1. Exercise ... my number one priority. Swam 1000m today and it was tough. It's not going to be an easy venture but it needs to be done.

2. Scooting on my Vespa ... she needs a good cleaning after being neglected for the past three months. I can't wait to ride her.

3. Photography ... camera cleaning and tripod shopping this weekend. After that, practice, practice, practice. Will be in need of subjects.

4. Tan ... perhaps the whitest I've been in years.

5. Chinese ... at number five ... damn.

6. Preparing myself for the next chapter ... four weeks left of work ...

You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else. - Albert Einstein

Saturday July 17th, 2010

India - My favorite dessert:
Gulab Jamun

April 26th, 2009, I found myself in the Kolkata airport waiting for a return flight to Bangkok. I purchased Shantaram. The book is 950 pages which makes reading it a bit of a commitment. I started it on the journey home but it got lost somewhere in the shuffle of life. Months later, I made another attempt but it was once again put on the back burner.

The past few weekends have been hot and quiet. Eleven weeks have gone by since my injury and I still find it difficult to get around. I am down to one crutch in the outside world and none on the inside. It's happening. Doc said I can start some very light exercise like swimming and biking, ten to fifteen minutes a day. I say that is NOT exercise!

I started Shantaram for the last time. I am nearing the end. It has taken me back to my time in India which has been a delight. It has brought a slew of emotions along with. I suppose much like my time in India as each day varied from one extreme to the other. It's bought reminders of the amazing tastes, the scents, the sounds and the sights. Some are missed greatly while others are not. Enjoyable read and recommended.

It's already 30 degrees at 8:00am. Something tells me I'll be doing my 15 minutes of exercise at the pool today. Gotta start somewhere, right?!

Timing is everything ...

I left the house with my day in mind, very glad that it was Friday. Had I left ten seconds later, the day would have turned out much better than it did.

Ten seconds took my day on a completely different path ... unfortunately, it was not in the direction I wanted to go ...

Wednesday July 14th, 2010

Growth requires change. Change involves risk. Risk is stepping into the unknown. The unknown is something I should be used to by now. 2010 has been all about change. T- 6 weeks is about to present a whole lot more. Am I ready? I'm not sure I am.

Ready or not ... it's on its way ...

這幾天 …

不知道為什麼這幾天都是那麼奇怪的:在電梯上碰到一個喝醉的小姐,還有一個擅自挪動我的腳的怪先生。禮拜三的課才剛剛跟中文老師說過「下次別人要跟我說話,我要假裝聽不懂」;可是晚上在回家的路上,計程車司機問我怎麼去我家,我卻又馬上就用中文回答,然後才想起來「damn it」,他一定知道了我會說中文,所以他就開始問了我五百個問題 …

不知道為什麼,忽然他就覺得我一定是女同志,他用英文說「gay」好讓我聽得懂。我就一直對著他笑,他對自己說的話感到很滿意,就繼續說話。他說「我就知道… 頭髮短短的 … 打扮也像 … 」什麼的 …

我嘴巴張開,卻不知道應該說什麼,所以我也沒有說他不對。好吧,這是我的秘密! 我們倆有很有趣的交談,讓我覺得自己的中文也很進入狀況。


因為每天都要坐計程車,司機都認識了我。司機就問他們是什麼情況,那先生卻說台語,所以我聽不懂。結果他們去了東湖捷運站,還付了錢,我只要付十塊的差額 … 不錯!很便宜的行程!

Are stairs a better option?

Monday evening.

As the elevator arrives, a man comes in the door and joins me for the ride up. He looks at me and asks if my leg is broken. I told him it was. I continued to tell him that I was playing ball when it broke neglecting to say what kind of ball. The common response I get when I tell people it was from dodge ball is ... 'that's a kid's game'.

He asked me how long it had been since it happened and I answered two months. His next question I didn't understand but it could have been about a cast. In looking up cast on the yahoo dictionary, I can't find a character to match what he said, so hard to say. Making the assumption that he said cast, I told him I didn't have one at which time he bends over, grabs hold of my leg and lifts it to examine it from the side.

Ummm ... hello?

He lets it go gently as I tell him the doctor said I have another month before a full recovery. Thank goodness I don't feel any pain from it. One month ago that would've caused a painful cry, I'm sure.

Who just grabs a stranger's injured leg in an elevator and lifts it to have a look anyway?! Weird.

Taiwan ... ♡

Not most people ...

Every night after work, the taxi drops me in the underground parking lot. The doors down there are bigger than the average not to mention heavy. For me to open it, I first need to swipe my card. Then I squeeze both crutches under my arms to hold them up while hopping on one foot about three times to get the door open wide enough to enter. Most people that see this rush to my aid. MOST people.

I'd like to add that I get along fine opening it myself ... it's been two months and I have it down to a fine art if I may say so. However ...

Tonight, a lady comes up behind me while I'm swiping my card. She stands and waits. I push the door and hop once, then twice, then three times as she continues to wait. I slip past the door and it hits her as she comes through. I'm not sure if she was actually expecting me to hold it open for her but I didn't for reasons that are quite obvious. Then she trips over my crutch as she races to hit the button for the elevator. Doesn't say a word to me. I get in the elevator first and push my floor. She pushes hers and then once again trips over my crutch as she makes her way to the mirror to fix her hair.

Are you kidding me?

It's mind-blowing that one could be so oblivious to their surroundings. I didn't expect help with the door but to trip over my crutch not once but twice in a sixty second time span ... really?

I could have said something but I found myself baffled. What would one really say to someone like that? A knock, knock on the top of her head to see if anyone was present may have been insulting.

What a putz ...