Shoot This 2011 ...

A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into ~ Ansel Adams

My friends are hilarious ...

These candles were placed on my cake this year and it took me a number of tries before I realized they weren't meant to be blown out. Between the many, many candles and my age, I thought I was losing my touch. Most of my birthday was spent being spoiled. It was a very nice way to start the holiday season!

With eight days of classes to go and two days of exams after that, semester one will be done. Phew! A month of NO homework will follow. Thank goodness for that as I am homeworked out!

Wednesday December 22nd, 2010

The festivities begin now with the new year quickly approaching ... all the best to my family and friends during this holiday season ... 2-0-1-1 ...

Thursday December 16th, 2010

What do you mean less than nothing? I don't think there is any such thing as less than nothing. Nothing is absolutely the limit of nothingness. It's the lowest you can go. It's the end of the line. How can something be less than nothing? If there were something that was less than nothing, then nothing would not be nothing, it would be something - even though it's just a very little bit of something. But if nothing is nothing, then nothing has nothing that is less than it is ~ E.B. White

Fun in the Sun ...

At 29°, who could blame them. December has been dashing so far. New photos on the right ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨ ➨

Wednesday December 1st, 2010

Wow. December. Christmas isn't going to be the same this year. I was spoiled last year being amongst family and friends not to mention food. Oh, the food. I happen to have the carcass of a turkey in my freezer at the moment, given to me by my school as I missed the Thanksgiving luncheon due to University. At least there will be turkey soup on Christmas day. I don't imagine I'll bother putting up any decorations this year.

It's still mid twenties which makes it hard to think about Christmas. I certainly enjoyed it being a white Christmas last year! The remainder of the year will be inundated with homework. HOMEWORK. What was I thinking? That's a joke. Kind of. A good chunk of the projects at school have allowed me to do exactly what it is that I love doing. Not all though. Some are a grueling waste of time.

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you ~ Carl Sandburg