Sunday February 28th, 2010

March arrives tomorrow and seems to be bringing along some fantastic weather. I hope it's here to stay!

台南 Highlight ...

Coming close to the day's end, we stopped at one last temple for a quick look.

We headed around back and weren't more than 10 steps away from the car when we heard, 2 Live Crew's We Want some Pussy, blasting out of loud speakers for all to enjoy. Awesome!

It seemed that most people spoke Taiwanese with Mandarin as their second language. Pete, Stanley and I were the only ones that could appreciate the humor.

Around front, the temple guards were clearly marked as to which was the male and which was not. I'm not sure I've ever seen such detail.

Some photos of my time in 台南 are in the album on the right. Check them out ... Chinese New Year 02.2010 ... you know you want to ...

Tuesday February 9th, 2010

Levi has acne. Who would've thought a cat could get acne?! According to the internet, cats aren't embarrassed by acne like humans are ... very useful information ...

It says acne can be caused by stress. What could a cat, especially in my house, possibly have to stress over? I mean, really?! The net also states it could be due to food allergies or the use of plastic bowls.

The vet sold me special shampoo to keep it under control. As the acne is right below her chin, she tends to want to lick it off. She's not overly happy as I'm sure it tastes terrible.

I try to soothe her by telling her that sometimes we gotta do things in life that we don't really want to do ... her response is this painfully loud meow as if life is over as we know it.

So hard done by, this little one.