Case of the missing sock ...

I've heard the myth about washing machines eating socks but only now do I believe it to be true.

I've NEVER worn the pictured blue sock(s) out of the house as they don't stay up due to lack of elasticity.

Washed them the other day and 'them' has now turned into an 'it'.

I've looked everywhere and it's nowhere.

Only one remains. Really.

It's the weirdest thing ...

Elective 選修 (xuan3 xiu1)


[count] US : a class that is not required in a particular course of study ▪ She's taking several electives this year. — called also (Brit) option

We need to 'choose at least two courses' from the 'Humanities and Arts' section, where ten courses are shown as being offered. One has been chosen for us this semester. It shows as an elective but is actually required since it's the only course within this section being offered. They will open one more for us next year which gives us the two we need. Thrilled that I'm able to "choose" those classes.

Being allowed two electives this semester, two were offered to us. Awesome. I spoke to my Australian professor to ask if he had any classes. He's teaching a third year film analysis course. It conflicts with the one above. Since they are both electives, I opted out of Modern China. This is when I first learned about "Required-Electives" which are 100% of all electives at the moment.

They can't find teachers. There aren't enough students. No empty classrooms as was told to me in the meeting. Understandable. Also disappointing. I'm not sure how much time I can spend in an environment where choice is not an option.

Once again, I'm confused. Uh-oh.

Tuesday February 15th, 2011


One of these just happened to come home with me today.

And this was after a 400NT oil change turned into paying 2700NT ($90CAN) more for some needed replacements. Important parts though, like a tire, an air filter, back brakes ... just to name a few. She runs like a charm.

I didn't mean to buy a flash. I went into the shop to see about having my camera cleaned and the next thing I knew ... ❤

Fun with Photoshop ...

Little Miss ...

Other aliases: Muffet, 麻煩 (máfán) and Girl Cat.

She, on the other hand, thinks my camera must definitely be a toy. Every time it's pointing in her direction, she feels the need to paw at it. If I sit at a distance, she comes close enough to put her snotty nose directly onto the lens filter. Awesome.

The Datz Man ...

Other aliases: Big Eyes, Little Man and Stump Le Roo (he's missing half of his tail)

He hates having a camera in his face which is a real shame. I tried using a Macro lens to capture those amazing eyes but having a tripod in the same room as him proved to be too traumatic. Pussy.

PRO 6 — CON 2

The last class and the last post for this series of PRO vs. CON is Public Relations. The PR professor happens to be our class director and the person I spoke with for two hours about University procedures. He certainly was the only lecturer that seemed sympathetic towards the students that aren't native speakers of English. He would often translate more complex thoughts or words into Chinese and also liked to use it for humor. Being able to laugh along with my classmates was a good feeling.

The professor mostly read from the textbook which meant I didn't need to find time to do it myself outside of class. A good student probably would have but the content was very familiar and made perfect sense. Breezing through this class without effort and ending up with an A+ = another definite PRO!

I hope there are more classes like this next semester. Trying to juggle a fifteen-hour work week on top of FT uni can be tricky. The secretary of my program has suggested twice that I stop working. If I could get money to magically appear in my bank account, I most certainly would.

I won't start on rants about the University itself as the CONs will probably surpass. Besides that, the sun has decided to join us during this Chinese New Year holiday. No work means time for play!