Thanks for participating in my school project ... here it is:

How I see myself and how I hope to come off in the eyes of others are two very different things. I remain content to be a loner, trying not to care much about what others think. I learned long ago that it's not necessary to please everyone in life. I set high standards that keep me motivated and dedicated to reach the goals I set.

When people ask me who I am, I always respond with Jennifer. Simply, I am a Canadian living in Taiwan who really enjoys rock climbing and working hard at being the best photographer I can be.

Due to the fact that I'm involved in many activities, it's easy for me to become a new identity to fit in with those in my presence. There are definitely moments when what I show and what I feel conflict. That being said, I have been referred to as versatile and resilient. These two identifiers have allowed me to experience some wonderful things in life.

Technology makes it easy to keep in touch with others. I requested of people that I've known for ages, family, co-workers, classmates and fellow travelers to give me one word that they identify me with.

Adventurous was the most popular, followed by independent, fearless and determined. The great thing about this project was being reminded of some long forgotten vocabulary like analytic, magnanimous and steadfast. One tends to speak in a simple manner when living in a world that doesn't revolve around English.

Language has played a significant part in my life since making the move abroad. As I work with the list of characteristics given to me through the eyes of others, I realize it shapes into a nice outer identity and apparently I am seen exactly how I strive to be. However, that is not to say that all personalities come naturally to me; I fail miserably at many of them. Expressions are mere words perceived differently by those in the line of sight.

It seems that self identities are built up based on the inaccurate and sometimes accurate perceptions of others. Identities change as often as the day's light. Who I am today doesn't have to carry on into tomorrow. I have the ability to control who I want to be and allow others to view me as I want to be seen. To me, identity remains to be exactly that — unforeseen and ever changing.

Following is my favorite response said by my climbing partner and this alone inspires me to push on even harder, "Some of your friends would describe you as tough shit, as you have been known to break a leg and jump back on the wall to conquer an overhang with a pin still in your leg".

Tough shit.

Monday March 21st, 2011

Who needs a lower back support pillow when you have a cat? This is a new habit for the Datz Man. Hopefully it will stop once the hot weather arrives.

I usually put the folded white pillow shown above behind my back while working on my computer. Boy cat now likes to climb on the top edge where he's barely able to keep balance. That doesn't stop him from using my back and the chair to help him maneuver downward.

While working on this, his face happens to be conveniently in line with my ear and if I don't move my body forward in a timely manner, he shows his frustration very vocally.

Once in his desired spot, he does let me lean back on him. I only wish I could adjust him up a bit higher and then maybe as an extra added bonus ... a constant purrrrrr.

Sunday March 13th, 2011

Enjoying the 23° weather ...

Trying out my new flash ...

The only photos I've taken this month.

Photography being on the back burner causes a frown ...

My Chinese Medicine ...

... also — and more preferably — known as Lotus Seeds.

Saturday March 12th, 2011

Brought to you by the letter 'H'.

Homemade hot pot ... Homework ... Hot coffee ... Heater ... at Home ... Happy!

Best quote EVER ...

When I asked my friend and climbing partner to give me a word that describes me, this was in part of his response ...

"Some of my friends would describe me as tough shit, as I have been known to break an ankle (leg) and jump back on the wall to conquer an overhang with pins (one pin, three screws) still in my leg."

Written by: Scott Salopek (no link as he's not famous yet)