Random Nothings ...

Saturday, May 21st, 2011. It's 30°outside. Time is soaring by at an amazing speed. Perhaps even quicker this year than last, if that's possible. It's been an excellent year so far with most things working out in my favor.

I've not left words in weeks and I suppose that's because my time hardly goes to me. It gets pulled in this direction and that. I find myself attempting quick ten-minute naps throughout the day but they are never much help.

I have three weeks left of uni and am quite ready for it to be done. I will be buried under assignments until summer vacation starts. I should be doing homework now but here I am, procrastinating.

Seems I am going to need a vacation from my summer vacation. I will be doing 35.5 teaching hours per week this summer. One of my coworkers has decided to leave Taiwan and that luckily means a FT job for me.

Although thankful, I find myself shivering at the thought. I can't remember the last time I was required to work that many hours in a one-week time frame. Probably back in Canada 2002.

I made an attempt to get out of the summer camp program this year. It's only six hours per week but will take two of my mornings away. I still might try and talk my way out of it.

I need to fit in swimming, climbing, hiking, Chinese class and most importantly the sun. It is summer after all.

My mom and my Aunt sent me a book some time ago called Stuff on my Cat. I really think I should make a book titled Cat on my Stuff.

Cat in my Stuff?

I could absolutely come up with one photo a day.

Check out the link below. Good stuff!

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