Magically back in working order ...

Oh, how I've missed a camera that fits nicely in my pocket!

Falling upon February 2012: Photos taken with my Lumix ...

出火特別觀景區 ...

Chuhuo Special Scenic Area — The Eternal Flames of Hengchun.

A place where 'No Trespassing' means entering and popping that package of Jiffy Pop you bought from one of the many truck vendors parked at the main gate.

Taiwan ♥

Passion fruit ♥

I found myself at the grocery store the other day buying some food and as I was checking out, the lady behind the counter pointed to my bag of passion fruit and asked, "Are you cooking these with the chicken?"

A little surprised at her perfect English, I responded, "No," and then thoughtfully added, "Should I?"

She only smiled and said, "They are a little sour!"


It encouraged me to look up chicken passion fruit recipes online and there were plenty!

Who knew? I see a new dish happening this weekend ... in my kitchen.

Sunday February 5th, 2012

25ºC ... A bright hot sun should be enjoyed when it's present.

I couldn't help but clear the balcony of winter dirt and do some rearranging this morn.

RIP to the weed I posted about last week. I made a quick decision to yank it out and was left extremely impressed by its roots.

Out with the old to make room for the new.