Few and far between ....

An afternoon nap happened today. One full hour of dozed awesomeness. This picture isn't from today, however, it's much too hot to be wearing such a hat!

Less than two weeks left of classes. I am absolutely ready for a break ... where afternoon naps will happen daily ... at the pool.

Bring on the summer!

Manic May 2012 ...

After renewing my motorcycle license, I allowed myself a quick TIMEout to disappear in the mountains for a hike at a waterfall near the DMV.

There's a new album on the right but it only has a few photos.

Full TIME student + full TIME worker = no TIME.

T-minus 4 weeks ...

Growth ...

Two years ago, a friend left Taiwan and passed on his two plants. One died almost immediately, perhaps disappointed by its new environment — the other is pictured here.

This plant struggled as well but in one final attempt, I replanted it and hoped for the best.

It grew and grew and then grew some more. So much, in fact, that it was repotted again a few months ago.

It continues to grow and I am always amazed at just how quickly it does. Today, I noticed something completely new on this plant.

Interesting ... but what is it?

Tuesday May 15th, 2012

I currently have 16 plants on my balcony — each one of them is growing like crazy!

The cactus shown here joined my balcony about five months ago. After purchasing it, I wasn't aware it was going to flower until a few days ago when I noticed a miniature bud. Only two days later and the flower has fully opened!


Must ... leave ... post ...

It's long overdue, but I've got nothing. Not having had a single day off in over five weeks is taking its toll. So I leave a picture of my little Datsun. He looks how I feel:
zzzzz ...