New images in August Atrophy ...

Back roads near Luodong

Still no swimming due to incisions

Huge waves in Toucheng due to typhoons in the area

What typhoons?!

I stocked my fridge, secured my smaller plants and prepared for a typhoon that neglected to hit the north — not that I'm complaining!  The sun has been shining for the past three days!

I have one more week of holidays and if all goes as planned, I should be situated on the coast where the red arrow points.  Something tells me I best be packing my waterproof bag and rain gear.

I miss traveling ...

So much white.  Too few pegs.

Tembin & Bolaven

The blue skies pictured here have long disappeared.  I've not seen or heard a drop of rain since early morning, although dark clouds have been rushing by all day. The wind and brief appearances of the sun have made it the perfect day for a load of wash — insta-dry!

My fridge is stocked for a wet weekend.  Typhoon Tembin is lingering over this tiny island, while Bolaven is full speed ahead.  Will the two collide is the question?!

Tembin isn't scheduled to hit the northern part of the island until late evening or early morning.  Some minor evacuations have been put in place on the east coast and the news says that 49,000 soliders are currently on stand by.

I am thankful for the day off and the wicked view in which to watch the storm(s) pass.  I only hope the typhoons don't bring much damage to the beautiful island of Taiwan.

Incoming Typhoons ...

The northern part of Taiwan is still showing here but we are starting to feel the effects of the first typhoon.  Tomorrow should be wet and windy.  The second typhoon looks much more threatening than this one.  The news states that there is a third one on its way as well but it's not showing on CWB as of yet.  With four days off next week, all three of them best be hurrying by.

Tuesday August 21st, 2012

August atrophy nor the two incoming typhoons could keep me from my road trip today.  A new mountain pass was discovered, completely by accident, but I am certainly glad it was — so, so beautiful!

New images in this month's album.

The 30-minute hair dye wait ...

What else is one to do except take pics around the apartment?!

I've been buzzing my hair down to a #2 or #3 for the past 15 years during the hot summer months.  Each year I swear I won't do it again but it inevitably happens.

I decided to leave the color natural this summer which meant a nice salt and pepper blend — thought it would make me feel wise but alas it did not.

It's nearing September and this pic here is my attempt to grow some hair back.  I added color.  In going for a brightish red, I've been left with more of a tannish brown.

Oh well!  It's been a hot summer.  Perhaps I can pull another month or two with a buzz cut!

Rumbling afternoon ...

Why is it that every time I walk into a room with (my) sleeping cats, they instantly feel the need to extend feet out for a stretch and use one or both paws to cover eyes?  (Not pictured here)

Another show with RTI ...

Here is my latest show with Radio Taiwan International:  Surf's up

Thursday August 9th, 2012

What I'd much rather be doing ...
The 17 staples have now been replaced with seven small strips of 3M Adhesive Skin Closures.  I'd say swimming is out for another few weeks.  Not great planning on my part — surgery during the hottest month of the year.

My first afternoon home from hospital — without much food — I made myself a peanut butter sandwich.  My mistake was putting it on a glass plate.  It brought back horrible memories of throwing quick food into plastic containers and chucking those into a tote bag so that I could double crutch it back to the couch to eat.  That went on for months.

This time I was on two crutches for five days, which were mostly spent in hospital.  I am very thankful for the speediness of this recovery.  My leg is still bruised up in spots — a nice yellowy purplish color.  

It's not surprising though, considering they way they banged (and I mean banged) the pin out.  I was awake during the last part of the surgery.  The sound of my skin being stapled closed was odd.

One more appointment in three weeks and that should be the end of it, I guess ... until the next injury!

One must work hard but play harder.

Forced rest: Day 6 ...

My leg is less one pin and three screws.  It is now sporting 17 staples — 11 of them are pictured here.

I am confident in a quick recovery and hope to be back at most of my jobs by next week!

One day at a time ...