50mm May = not so much ...

The above images were taken at the Taipei Botanical Gardens using an 18-200mm lens.

So much for May being all about a 50mm lens.

Monday May 6th, 2013

A playful stray (mom) I came across during my hike today

Another stray (perhaps dad) who was not keen on me getting too close

I love that I never have to travel too far from my house to go hiking.

Today, I ventured to a mountain range that I used to spend a lot of time on many years ago. The trail I took is called Dalunwei Mountain (大崙尾山). It joins up with a hike I did a few months ago, Jinmian Mountain (金面山). The routes are endless and they drop you out around various parts of the city. The biggest concern is getting back to the place you left your scooter.

Today's route led me to a family of cats, all of which seem to be well fed and taken care of. The images above show two of the cats I came across and both images were taken with my 50mm lens.

The month of May will focus on using my 50mm lens since I have always felt it to be quite limiting. I am going to work around that and learn to use it better. It certainly makes my camera much smaller and lighter. That being said, I missed my 18mm-200mm today when I ran into a hawk eating a worm in the not too far off distance. I could only stand in awe, silently inching closer but he was absolutely on to me.

Oh well! Some things are meant for enjoyment only and not to be captured!