Saturday September 21st, 2013

Datsun and I sharing some meow time during the typhoon

Levi doesn't seem overly impressed by the weather

Girl Cat is mopey

Windy, rainy AND quaky ...

Earthquake report from the Central Weather Bureau (CWB)

The southern tip of the island could be up for some devastation

Usagi — 'could be the most powerful typhoon of 2013'

Typhoon USAGI set to arrive for Moon Festival ...

A view of the moon from my balcony in September of 2012

Central Weather Bureau (CWB) Tracking
The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or 中秋節 , is held each year on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar; a time when the moon is said to be at its biggest and brightest.

This year, Taiwan has been granted a four-day weekend to celebrate the popular holiday.

Festivities usually include things like releasing sky lanterns into the night sky, barbecuing, sampling a variety of moon cakes (月餅) and eating pomelos (柚子).

CWB satellite image of the typhoon
In recent years, the weather hasn't fully cooperated with the festival and this year Taiwan is up for much of the same — so much for seeing the moon!

Rain has been pelting against the windows all morning and with the low, rumbling thunder that is echoing throughout the apartment, it is no wonder that most in the house are still fast asleep under covers.

A dark morning means back to bed for this cat as well! Zzzzz.

My last day in beautiful, sunny Vancouver ...

The bridge that leads one from the Skytrain to Burnaby Lake Regional Park

A view of the North Shore mountains from the 10km Burnaby Lake trail

Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) not even one glimpse of a bear on the trek

Small snippets of the lake and the North Shore Mountains from Burnaby Lake

Out and about in Canada ...

The Sea Wall in Vancouver, British Columbia

Sunset near Second Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia

The West End of Vancouver, British Columbia

Lost Lagoon Swan in Vancouver, British Columbia

Out and about in Canada ...

English Bay's Inukshuk in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Lion's Gate Bridge along the Sea Wall in Vancouver, British Columbia

Statue of girl in a wetsuit along the Sea Wall in Vancouver, British Columbia

Some goodies that came back in my suitcase