Fumaroles on 陽明山 Yangmingshan ...

Finally made it to see the fumaroles on Yangming Mountain — a site to be seen

So tempted to stick my finger into this puddle to see just how hot it is

Hot sulfurous gas quickly rushing out of a small opening at 小油坑 Xiaoyoukeng

View from the parking lot — it was a chilling 13° on 陽明山

陽明山Yang Ming Shan — 七星山 Qi Xing Trail ...

Yesterday's hiking route — probably worked out to be about 8KM+

There are two peaks on the 七星 trail — looking at one peak from the other

Heading down and overlooking 冷水坑 Leng Shui Keng

Taking a rest at 七星公園 Qi Xing Park or Seven Star Park

三貂嶺 Sandiaoling to 十分瀑布 Shifen Waterfall ...

杷枇瀑布 Papi Waterfall — the third of four

The steep ladder to climb from waterfall #2 to waterfall #3

A papaya tree along the roadside on the way to Shifen

三貂嶺 Sandiaoling to 十分瀑布 Shifen waterfall ...

Just around the corner from the Sandiaoling train station — heading to the trailhead

合谷瀑布 Hegu Waterfall — the first of four

One of two roped bridges that needed to be crossed

Walking through the beautiful, lush forest

Friday November 15th, 2013

Playing around in Photoshop — this cat is so easygoing she probably wouldn't care if I skied down her

I received my first Christmas card today from my father and his significant other. He couldn't have chosen a more perfect card. It read: 



I love the spirit of you ... the grace with which you welcome each challenge, the childlike wonder that still colors your days. 

I love the originality of you ... your willingness to stand out from the crowd ... your unique perspective on what's happening in the world and in your life. 

And most of all, I love the heart of you ... the genuine compassion, empathy, and friendship you offer to everyone you know. 

I guess it's pretty clear ... I love everything about you. And at Christmas, I'm wishing joy and blessings to you, my beautiful daughter and friend.

Playing around in Photoshop — this cat is so particular he would probably hate it if I sat up on him

Monday's photo editing class ...

Arrived just in time for the 5:10pm train after a 15KM hike (start time: 10:20am) (NOT FOR CLASS)

11.11 Assignment — Four different cards, four different colors, three shapes + one square. We aren't given much time to think about projects. We get to class and the prof tells us to pick a certain amount of our own images for a topic. The first hour we are told and taught the specifications. We get the remaining two hours of class plus an extra hour before the deadline. I have been able to finish projects within an hour or so.

10.14 Assignment — Four different images, four different colors focusing on using basic rectangular shapes and adding font. We were only allowed to use one font type. Yawn. Professor nagged me for not using the correct font, but I told her I added some bevel and emboss to make it look more interesting — she let it pass. We learned about layers and filters and turning images B&W. I found myself showing the prof a thing or two during her lesson. I love being able to play around in Photoshop a few hours each week!

My mid-term project. Not my images — had four to choose from. Not my words — copied from the Internet. Being required to cut out the insects — had four to choose from — made for nit-picky work. Not sure I am overly happy with my posters. Requirement: one B&W, one color for national parks. We had a three hour deadline. I handed both in within an hour. These are worth 20% of my final grade. Hmmmmm ...

Sunday November 10th, 2013 (30° + 55% humidity)

Colorful butterfly on my balcony — not sure who was more vocally excited, Levi or myself

My student, Ting, gave me a flower yesterday — surprised as this is one of my favorite kinds

For the first time ever, I am backing up — don't want to lose the 12,000+ photos I have

Morning shake consisting of mango, blueberries, kiwi and a banana — delicious

Thursday November 7th, 2013 (Sunny! 25°!)

Datsun sits down to enjoy a movie with me on Sunday evening

Love looking over my plants and finding new and different growth
UPDATE: I woke up to find the new growth completely shriveled up to nothing (November 8th)

Levi basking in the sun — it has been a number of days since the sun has graced her presence 

One only has to look at this plant and a leaf falls off — hard to get a close up of this new ... flower?!

Cold (21°) and rainy Tuesday ...

Girl Cat (Levi) never misses a moment to strike a pose in front of the camera

Chilly and wet outdoors and fighting a cold indoors — homemade chicken soup with lots of ginger

Boy Cat (Datsun) in his usual spot, between covers — doesn't matter if it's hot/cold/sunny/rainy

Delicious vegetable salad to go along with some hot, homemade chicken soup