Hiking in Pingxi (平溪) ...

Climbing 普陀山 (Putuoshan) after conquering 孝子山, the peak that juts out ahead

An extremely steep — and a tad scary — climb at 孝子山 (Jiaozishan)

Perhaps wishing us well as we head for a climb up one of the peaks

The climb up 普陀山 seen in the distance from 孝子山

綠世界 Green World Ecological Park ...

An emu very near the entrance of the park

Spotted this little guy in the Bird Ecological Park

Llamas were enjoying some time being out and about the park

This guy seemed just as curious about us as we were of it

新山夢湖 (Xinshan Menghu) Hiking ...

The stunning 夢湖 (Menghu) translates to Dream Lake

Enjoying a late breakfast/early lunch in the mountains

Many ropes provided to help keep balance along the rock faces

Another shot of Menghu or Dream Lake

Sunday January 19th, 2014

Lanterns at a temple near the start of the Tiger Mountain trailhead

Beautiful orchids found in a garden on the way to Elephant Mountain

One piece of many random items found in the mountains

Looking at Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain

Garden growth ...

Cactus purchased on December 10th of 2011

Image taken today on January 17th of 2014

Plant purchased on December 10th of 2011

Image taken today on January 17th of 2014

More of the 皇帝殿 Huangdidian Hiking Trail ...

Standing at the East Peak

So many ridges to walk along

Some ridges are a little scarier than others

Off the beaten path

First hike of 2014 at 皇帝殿 Huangdidian ...

One of many chained ladders along the ridge trail

Looking out over the ridge heading toward the east peak

Lots of chains and ropes to climb along the ridge trail

The last hike of 2013 ...

View of Taipei 101 from the Jinmian (金面山) hiking trail

A steep climb up a rock face to get to the top of the mountain

Tons of kittens up there — kittens look exactly like their mom

One of many trails to get down to the mountain