Peace Day (2.28) holiday hike ...

Welcoming the passing rain cloud in the blistering heat that brought not a drop

Atop the 面天山 Miantainshan Peak

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Red lines indicate today's accidental hike — took a wrong turn and missed the Datun peaks

Tuesday February 25th, 2014 (25°C)

新福本坑 Xinfu Coal Pit and the start of today's hike

圓覺寺步道 Yuanjue Hiking Trail
I have spent years and years and years driving past a sign that leads to this trail here. I couldn't recall whether I had done this trail or not and since there are so many others near by, it always took a miss. This hike is about a ten to fifteen minute scooter ride from my house. I decided today that I am going to come here a lot more. There are a ton of little mountain trails that all head in different directions and they are screaming to be explored.

圓覺瀑布 Yuanjue Waterfall — WHAT?! Again ... why have I not been here before?

鯉魚山步道 Liyu Mountain Trail sculpture — one of many

Today's hike
The white lines show the walk I went on today. I was gone about two hours in total. The top line was the first trek. It ended at a Buddhist temple that had speakers lined along a stone wall playing soothing chants. I could tell by this map that the road looped around to the lower mountain trail but I wasn't sure how long it would take or how accurate this map was. I decided to backtrack. Getting back down to the split in the path, I headed back up the lower trail. Halfway up, I knew exactly where I was as I had done the trail ahead on a few occasions. I've been slowly piecing together the mountains that line the city of Taipei.  

2013 hair growth = FAIL ...

Feeling a little unsure about the decision of a haircut

Here goes nothing — with stylist Eddie Tham of Picahair

There's definitely no turning back now

Back to short, sweet and simple — a style that better reflects me

Sunday February 16th, 2014 (22°C)

Levi's attempt at playing hide and go seek in the morning

It took a few moments to locate where this hawk was hanging out exactly

On the way up one of the mountain trails out back of my community

Quiet and off the beaten path, heading to Cui Lake

Saturday February 15th, 2014 (15°C)

Coins that belong to a mountain ridge Buddha statue

Taiwan brings very little to the wonderful colors of fall

Bamboo wishes found hanging around the Jingtong train station

Soon to be burned ghost money that will offer richness to ancestors

Monday February 10th, 2014 (11°C)

A bird at Green World Ecological Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan

The path leading to the Marian Cabin Hiking Trail in Jiaoxi

Following the canal at the Pingding Historical Canal Trail

One week of rain in Taipei — really missing the blue skies and warm weather

坪頂古圳步道 Pingding Historical Canal Trail ...

Stopped on the mountain road back home to shoot this — 25° and beautiful

Oops ... it is most unimpressed since I interrupted coitus?!

Furry flowers — spring is in the air

Heading up to the Pingding Historical Canal Trail

Chinese New Year holiday ...

五峰旗瀑布 Wufengqi Waterfall near 礁溪 Jiaoxi

Cool rocks on the way in (or out) of the waterfalls

A ton of surfers enjoying the beautiful winter weather in 頭城 Toucheng

One of the lanterns at a temple in 頭城 Toucheng

聖母山莊 Shengmu Hiking Trail in Yilan ...

Five kilometers in and venturing into viciously windy clouds

Stairs up to the highest point of the trail — crazy windy

A piece of the trail along the last kilometer up to the peak

The stairs leading up to the peak