2014 quickly coming to an end ...

The road lead to a temple and a dead end leaving no option but to turn around (good find though)

Looking out over Sanzhi or Shimen from one of the mountain roads

This road led us in the wrong direction although this was another good find

The beginning to the end ...

The first time I ever laid eyes on Datsun, who was named Stan at the time. Cat = yes. Name = no.

Datsun moved into this apartment one day after I did and from nothing, we built something wonderful!

Not exactly the kind of box I was hoping to bring Datsun home in from the vet.

This year's birthday gift. Datsun was definitely the best gift a girl could ever have.

Rest in peace my little Boy Cat. March 2005 — December 22nd, 2014

富福頂山寺 — temple made of coral and seashells ...

My friend wandering through a tiny cave inside the temple

Sunday December 7th, 2014 (23°)

At 龍泰陵 (Lóng Tài Líng) near Sanzhi District in northern Taiwan  

One of two stick bugs spotted today — this one being the bigger of the two

Looking over to 龍泰陵 — a spectacular 20-floor mausoleum

On the 20th floor