Always exploring ...

Another visit at the awesome Sanmin Bat Cave (三民蝙蝠洞) in Fuxing District (復興區)

Hiking in my backyard on a gorgeous weekday morning

The back part of the Yuanjue Waterfall (圓覺瀑布)

A gloomy, gray day at Meihua Lake (梅花湖) ...

Two dogs ready for a day of lounging around the lake

Wandering around the lake on foot takes about an hour or so at a leisurely pace

Rent motorized or pedaled bikes to go around the lake or take a boat tour

Scootering around Su'ao Township (蘇澳鎮) ...

Overlooking the Su'ao Cold Spring (蘇澳冷泉)

The water was too cold for my friend though I went for a long soak

Overlooking Su'ao from the Su'ao-Hualien highway (140 meters above sea level)

My ride — and a good one at that — for the weekend cost NT$500/day (CAN$20/day)

聖母登山步道 — Marian Hiking Trail ...

12KM hike that took 4.5 hours to complete

The last 1.6KM of the trail is a strenuous climb in a lush forest

A landslide from one of the two big typhoons in summer of 2015

The top of the trail offers interesting and stunning views of the valleys below