Friday September 30th, 2016

Hiking out back of my community
The last day of September with very few posts. Taiwan has been dealing with typhoon after typhoon after typhoon. The most recent one, Typhoon Megi, was an absolute doozy, leaving many without power and water. It lingered over the entire island for a full day, causing classes and work to shut down for two days. Let's hope that was the last one of the season.

Many of the trails were clear but are quickly growing over (hiking season is just beginning)

A gorgeous day for an early morning hike (28°)

Had to scramble over some newly fallen trees that were blocking the paths

Sunday September 11th, 2016 (cont'd)

Wandering through the forest was much cooler though the hot sun kept poking through along the trails

A slug?  Had to duck under this log and trek through an overgrown pathway with lots of spiders ... eek.

Surprised there were only two people on this bridge ... on a Sunday ... where is everyone?!

An gigantic spider sitting on the side of the bridge

Sunday September 11th, 2016

EVERY time I want to leave the house, Little Miss Levi finds a way to plop down on my stuff

Led seven Taipei Hikers on a 11KM hike through some trails in Neihu (內湖)

The climb up involved scrambling over hot rocks in the direct sun ... we all felt a little dizzy after the climb

The forecast called for rain but it turned out to be a wonderfully hot morning ... maybe too hot