Sunday July 25th, 2021 (cont'd)

Amazed at how different the river looks with all the rushing water

A most picture perfect day

Making our way upstream

The Dongshan Waterfall (東山瀑布) is located off the main river

Sunday July 25th, 2021

Tracing up to the falls
Typhoon In-fa veered north and never made landfall in Taiwan. It did bring a ton of much needed rain to the island. 

Sunday was blistering hot so my friend and I set off to the river in search of a waterfall that is said to be there after heavy rain. 

The river was full and the water was rushing making it intimidating at times. We slowly traced our way upstream and found the falls. While not the prettiest or biggest of falls, it was nice to see that they do actually exist.
The Dongshan Waterfall (東山瀑布) in Xizhi (汐止)

The old bridge that we came across a couple of weekends ago with a lot more water