More images from Anyer/Carita in West Java ...

Wading in the water at Curug Gendang (GoPro image)

Touring around Karang Bolong Beach (Canon 40D image)

Curung Gendang waterfall from the top (GoPro image)

Curung Gendang waterfall from the bottom pool (GoPro image)

Curug Lawang in Anyer, Indonesia ...

These three boys took me through the back roads of Anyer to see a wonderful waterfall which was certainly one of the highlights of Java.

We doubled up on motorbikes and rode for a half hour over unpaved, potholed roads. People were hanging around in groups outside their houses or in front of little stalls selling various items and as we drove by they were pointing and smiling and waving hello!

The trail leading to the waterfall was about half hour through the jungle and since motorcycle theft is a common occurrence in Anyer, the boys opted to bring their bikes. The tiny path was very muddy and the motorbikes got stuck more often than not.

The guys were very careful to keep me in the middle throughout our trip. One bike was in front, one was behind and one guy was on foot with me. Their concern for my safety was cute. We ran into very few people along the way and I felt completely safe.

At one point, the guy I was walking with, Necky, took off his shirt leaving him in a see-through white tank top. He apologized for removing his shirt but said it was too hot. Did he think I'd be offended by him wearing so little?! Ha!

The jungle was loud from millions of critters with stunningly lush greenery. When I finally caught sight of the waterfall, all I could say was WOW!

Although two of the guys didn't speak a word of English and the third spoke very little, we swam, we laughed and had a whole bunch of fun! It was great to be with some friendly locals and to experience the everyday lives of those in Anyer.

On the way back to the resort, we stopped off at their friend's house where we snacked on fresh fruit. I had some delicious soursop while the boys devoured a whole bunch of durian.

One thing of note is that EVERYONE seems to love durian in Indonesia. It could be seen all over and people raved about it. They urged me to try it again, stating that the durian in Indonesia is different from durian in other countries. (I have tried it in Taiwan and Malaysia) They got a real laugh out of the look on my face while eating it and I was sad to tell them that Indonesia durian wasn't any better!

This day reminded me of why it is that I love to travel. A great day indeed with some great company!