Tuesday April 29th, 2014

Found while heading up the trail along the never ending 茄苳瀑布 Qiedong Waterfall

Tons of these flowers atop the Qiedong waterfall trail

Random things on the way down from the Qiedong waterfall trail

五月花 Mayflowers are in full bloom and very popular in Taiwan

Monday April 28th, 2014

Looking out at 大湖公園 Dahu Park from 康樂山 Kangle Mountain

One of many spiders spotted along the 康樂山 Kangle Mountain trail

On top of being beautiful flowers, they smell fantastic

Gotcha! Snapped this picture moments before it flew away

Sunday April 20th, 2014

 Finding randomness in the mountains around the neighborhood

Freshly painted and meant to mock 小人國 Xiaorenguo or Little People Country

Don't run or swing — or dance?! — on the bridge

More from 擎天崗 Qingtiangang ...

Looking at 大油坑 Dayoukeng from the 金包里大路 Jinbaoli Trail

Good place for a breather along the 金包里大路 Jinbaoli Trail

山豬豐厝地 Shanzhufeng Residence along the 金包里大路 Jinbaoli Trail

Very close to completing the gorgeous area around 擎天崗 Qingtiangang

Thursday April 17th, 2014

金包里步道 Jinbaoli Trail or the Japanese Trail

Lots of 牛 out and about today

Made it to the peak off in the distance, 竹篙山 Zhugaoshan

Along the amazing, historical Japanese trail

Critters here and there ...

Boy Cat, aka Datsun, 曬ing in the 太陽 = love him

Girl Cat, aka Levi, always hoping to come with = love her

A visitor enjoying the flowers on my balcony

Stopped on the way home today to enjoy some mountains along with this little guy

Sunday April 13th, 2014

Looking at 冷水坑 Lengshuikeng and 七星山 Qixing Mountain

絹絲瀑布 Juansi Waterfall near 擎天崗 Qingtiangang

Leaves as soft as silk found on the way back to Qingtiangang 

Today's route shown in blue

Sunday April 6th, 2014

Mushrooms found along the 高頂山 Gaoding mountain ridge

Misty mountain forest atop 石梯嶺 Mount Shiti

Must complete this area ...

A cold, refreshing beer after an amazingly long ridge trek

大屯山 Mt. Datun Main Peak ...

Going up 1.6KM of steep stone steps with no shade from the hot sun

Looking back on the trail and taking a breather

Going down 0.6KM of steep stone steps with no shade from the hot sun (knees = ouch)

Stunning (and thankfully flat) path back to 二子坪 Erzingping

Friday April 4th, 2014 (21°C)

Brought back memories of climbing trees as a child

Magnet rock — unfortunately I wasn't carrying a compass

Mossy, slippery stairs through the whole trail of 菜公坑 Caigongkeng

Goal of hiking the majority of this area = pretty much complete!