No typhoon day for Taipei ...

There were heavy winds and sporadic periods of rain throughout the day and night, but nothing more than that.  The typhoon is gone and the sun has decided to present itself for the Moon Festival holiday!

Calm before the storm ...

24 hours after my last post ... the southern part of Taiwan must be feeling the effects.

Typhoon day in the north tomorrow?

Yes, please.

School's back in session ...

Week one down, with seventeen more to go.  I will be taking 18 credits this semester.  I imagine it's going to be busy.  The first day back, we were assigned 20-minute presentations (based on our internships) and I signed up to give mine next week.  I thought it best to get it out of the way.

It's Sunday morning now and I am facing a lot of work today.  It seems I have awoken with a cold.  Sniffly nose and a sore throat = not good.

September Starts 2012 ...

On the way to Manyueyuan

Sanmin Bat Cave

Xiao Wulai Waterfall

2012.09.04 Road Trip ...

Our road trip yesterday looked a little something like this although these routes aren't exact.  Some of the small mountain roads we drove on aren't showing on Google maps.

We ended up at destination B, or Sanxia,  in error by missing our turnoff.  Our goal was destination C, the Manyueyuan National Forest Recreation Park, but upon arrival we were told the park was closed due to damage from the recent typhoons.

We then set off to destination D, the Sanmin Bat Cave.  Although there were no bats, the cave was most impressive — 50 meters long and 30 meters in height.

Our final stop for the day, destination E or Xiao Wulai, was amazing!  There is a big waterfall — about 40 - 50 meters in height — that can be seen from the road into Xiao Wulai.  If you park beside the falls, you can go on a glass bottom skywalk overlooking the falls.  There were lots of trails in the immediate area, although some were closed due to it being typhoon season.

It was a great day and a long one — about a 10-hour trip in total!  The mountain roads were beautiful and I couldn't help but notice the abundance of maple trees. I have made a note to revisit these roads and Manyueyuan during the fall!

Images of the day will follow soon ...