Sunday January 25th, 2015 (24°C)

Enjoying a beautiful summery day in my backyard

Overlooking Dahu Park

Taipei 101 off in the distance from my backyard

Today's route took four hours to complete

Sunday January 18th, 2015 (20°C)

Behind the waterfall at 指南宮 Zhinan Temple in 木柵 Muzha

Found this little guy on the way over to 猴山岳 Houshanyue trail (Mt. Monkey)

Leading another hike with Taipei Hikers — this was the view from our first rest stop


Sunday January 11th, 2015 (19°)

One of the waterfalls along the 三貂嶺 Sandiaoling trail

One of the waterfalls along the 三貂嶺 Sandiaoling trail

My first time leading a hike with Taipei Hikers — one of my goals for 2015

Another quick video using my new GoPro, this time edited in Final Cut Pro. I took my 2010 iMac in for a much needed upgrade and am now able to copy high resolution footage from my GoPro directly onto my computer. What a difference! My iPad only lets me copy low resolution files. Unfortunately, the upgrade took away Premiere Pro, so I am stuck teaching myself the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro. After my first use, there are many features that I like, so it's all very exciting!

First post of 2015 ...

It's easy to take pictures when you surround yourself in stunning environments and have a fairly decent DSLR in hand.

Not much progression has happened over the past few years and it could be because my camera is always set on Aperture Priority (AV) keeping shooting straightforward and simple.

2015 GOAL: Move into the world of Manual Exposure (M) and master it.

I considered buying a new DSLR but realized I have yet to master my Canon 40D. This is where purchasing a new GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition comes in.

My Canon does not record video and this is something I would like to get into. A new hobby for the new year. One thing that became clear during university was that making videos was quite difficult and I kind of sucked at it.

2015 GOAL: Practice. Practice is everything.

I spent a few semesters learning about Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Both of these programs will be very useful when it comes to editing my GoPro videos.

2015 GOAL: Don't lose what you learn but rather push forward at becoming extremely proficient.

Here is a one minute video that took me about an hour to put together. What else is one to do when they are at home with the flu and a fever?! I will apologize for the low quality. I am currently working on upgrading my computer so that I can copy files in high resolution. My newest technology doesn't play well with my old technology. Boo.