Things I absolutely LOVE ...

Taking trains of any sort ... it means you are going places.

This little Boy Cat here ... he is SO unbelievably special.

And this lady here (my mom) ... she is pretty spectacular.

Finally ... this pool is key in the constant 33°+ heat.

Graduation dinner at 紅花鐵板燒 in Taipei 101 ...

A table reserved for six came with our very own chef at 紅花鐵板燒

Taipei 101 just before dusk

Only one of a delicious ten-course meal

Best cheesecake ever

Playing tour guide with mom ...

The second tallest Ferris Wheel in Taiwan located at the Miramar Mall in Neihu

A view of the Grand Hotel from the Ferris Wheel at Miramar Mall

Watching the dragon boat races at Dajia Park near Dazhi

阿里山日出 Alishan Sunrise ...

Loads of folk alighting the train at the early hour of 4:55am (16°)

The main viewing area which is busy with people and loud vendors

A higher viewing platform with a lot less people and almost no noise

Curious as to where this path leads — perhaps another trip is necessary