Sunday October 1st, 2006

October already ... wow. It's been almost one year to the day that I started this thing ... it certainly has come a long way. It's gone in a direction I wouldn't have imagined it to ... it's taught me a lot of things and it continues to do so.

Today I found myself at 中正紀念堂, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. The area is 240,000 square meters and it contains the National Concert Hall, the National Theatre and a memorial for the late president. I was able to catch the changing of the guards on video ... I will look into finding out how to post a video on my blog. It's a fairly cool thing to watch ... not sure that the video really captured the moment, however.

I had a potluck last night to welcome my new guest. It was great fun! Kathy will be staying with me for one month. She already has two job interviews next week, so hopefully something will work out. I think she enjoyed the city in all of it's craziness today.

Not much to write about these days ... I'm hoping my trip to HK will inspire me with some stories. I hear it's China's birthday so I'm sure it will inspire a lot more than that. And with that ... I sign off.


Anonymous said...

interesting reading, do you write for a living?

jennifer said...

Thank you so much ... I don't write for a living although I think that might be something I'd like to do! I hope one day of making that work itself out.

Richard said...

I also have a video of the changing of the guard at some palace here in Seoul. Recorded it today and I was gonna try to figure out how to post it.

If you find a way, send me a heads up... I'm busy and won't be able to attempt it for another week.


jennifer said...

I'm not sure I'll have time before my trip to HK ... I will let you know if I figure it out ... same goes for you, if you've not heard from me!