Saturday October 31st, 2009

Wow. November. I find myself unwell and without a voice. Unsure of what to do today, I turn around to see this. Not a great capture, but it gave me something to write about.

I'm glad they like each other. I didn't really give them much of a choice. I had Datsun for one month before I brought Levi in. I remember her first day here well. I was unsure of how to properly introduce them to each other so I let them figure it out for themselves. I, literally, dropped her off and ran out the door as I had a class to teach.

I remember coming home from work and Levi was nowhere to be found. And I mean, nowhere. I was baffled.

As I stood in the kitchen, scratching my head, I decided to look under the fridge as it was the only place I hadn't looked. Sure enough, there she was. I immediately became nervous as I thought she might char herself to death. How horrible would I have felt?

Pretty horrible.

I didn't want to move the fridge so I let her be. It took her two days to come out. It's funny. I sometimes find myself wishing she would go in hiding for two days. Especially when it comes time to writing my homework. She constantly walks off with my white eraser. Try finding it on white tiled floors.

Her nickname Muffin has turned into 麻煩 ... it almost sounds the same and is more appropriate, really ...

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Anonymous said...

Good memories and great story for a day when you are feeling terrible. Well, I hope you do something to turn your mind around, even if your body is in a bad state. It helps sometimes and takes your mind off your pains, right? Just picture climbing those rock faces and peering down at that turquoise ocean while the sun shines in your eyes...