Thursday December 27th, 2012

On Thursdays, my first class is held at a campus not too far from my university.  After class, some classmates and I decided to go for a delicious lunch at Huge Burger.  While walking back to the university with one of my classmates for a Mandarin class, we heard tiny meows coming from somewhere.

The kitten pictured here was found trembling in an open corner and seemed unaware of where to go or what to do.  He wasn't too far from a busy road and was also in a small lane that belongs to one of the biggest night markets in Taipei.

A young girl that works at the Yoshinoya next to this small lane said the little guy had been meowing since morning.  They had a box prepared but seemed scared to touch it.  She had put out some milk in a paper cup that was approximately the same size as the kitten.  I asked if she had seen the mom or any other kittens around but got no for an answer.

I was ten minutes away from writing a test and time was ticking so I had to make a quick decision.  After a bit of hissing from this feisty guy , I scooped him up and plopped him in the box at the tiny restaurant and promised to be back after my test.

I returned less than an hour later with a smaller box and a lid so I could run this lucky little guy over to Animals Taiwan.  He should be in good hands now, I hope.