Maui living ...

Baldwin Beach
The mountain seen in the far distance is called Haleakalā. The house pictured below — where I lived — is situated about 2,000ft up that mountain.

This house has five bedrooms, two baths and an awesome outdoor shower. The house is hidden from the road and surrounded by a ton of greenery. There is plenty of land and the owners even have a huge garden with fresh vegetables, fruit and plenty of herbs.

Maizie                                Lizzie                                  Maile

These are the owners' three cute (and cuddly) dogs. Maizie is about one and a half and still has a lot of puppy in her. Maile is about four and her and Maizie are best buds. Lizzie is the oldest of the three and quite a crankster. The bigger two tend to gang up on poor ole' Lizzie.

The owners also own five goats and twenty chickens. We were able to have fresh eggs every day and boy were they delicious!  I felt spoiled living on such a beautiful property!