Thursday January 4th, 2007

The year is off to a good start ... the weather has been mostly nice and warm. A cold front is on the way, but the sun should be with us ... cold is always easier to take when there's a little sunshine to go along.

The week was busy and fast ... I am looking forward to an easy Friday. I've decided to not hit the Philippines for Chinese New Year. The plane tickets aren't expensive, but I'm not sure I'd be able to travel the way I like to travel so I'm going to wait it out. My mom will be out this year and we plan to do three weeks somewhere. This is a place I certainly have my eye on and three weeks would be plenty to island hop!

I have a few opportunities for the New Year. One involves going to a place I've never been to spend the actual New Year with Morgan's family ... I can't recall the name of the place but it will be a very proper way to spend a Chinese New Year, I'd say.

Morgan will also be heading to 澎湖 (Penghu) for five or six days. I am going to arrange a flight over, but I think I'll only stay for two or three nights. I'm not sure if I'll be able to dive at this time of year, but it may be warm enough with a wet suit ... I'll check it out.

Winter camp starts soon and I've been asked to be at the school every morning for the three weeks it'll be on. I'm the only foreign teacher they've asked to be there for the full three weeks, so I'm kinda happy about that. It will mean stopping most of my Chinese lessons, but the short break from Chinese might be good. It'll be refreshing to get back into it after a few weeks off.

A kitty sits squished in my lap and is purring away like an angel ... she is exactly that. I hope she realizes how sweet she's got it over here ... lucky little.

A glass of wine, two cats and an episode of Lost is in order. I have a 6:30am start ... in looking at the clock ... it sounds early. I am thankful for tomorrow being Friday!

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