Tuesday November 27th, 2012

Taken with my iPad
What a day!  It was two hours into my morning class — at the start of a ten-minute break — when this Black-browed Barbet smashed into the window of our third floor classroom.  Sitting on the opposite end of the room and near the front, I didn't hear it or see it happen.  What was noticeable were the many classmates huddled over the back window.

This little guy was on one of the lower ledges outside.  His face couldn't be seen, only his tiny, green trembling body.  As I was contemplating how to get myself through the window, one of my other classmates nudged everyone aside and was out there in a flash.

She grabbed the bird and I reached out to take it while she climbed back in the room.  It was frozen in my open hand as the two of us took the bird to the infirmary.  We were immediately turned away by the nurse — she said she was not qualified for this — although she was somewhat helpful in finding us a box.

I immediately got on the phone with a friend who rescues animals here in Taiwan.  He recommended the Wild Bird Society of Taipei (WBST).  I gave them a call but WBST said they didn't have enough manpower to come and get the bird so I found myself going back to my classroom to grab my stuff and heading down the many stairs of MCU to flag a taxi.

The bird was no longer confused but seemed more in a state of panic during the ride over.  I was helped immediately upon arrival and was told that nothing was broken.  One leg was injured but it's nothing serious.  The bird was given some vitamin D (pictured here) and put in a cage where it will stay under observation for a week.  After that, it will be released.

Be well, little bird.  And please, PLEASE watch out for those windows!